Thursday, August 13, 2009

Frank Cadillac's Music World

Frank Cadillac is Classic Rock Frank Cadillac- a veteran of the New York City Rock Circuit-an actor & songwriter from Bronx, New York has five albumsposted for marketing at is always recording and doing some film acting whicheverpresents itself along the way.His songwriting is very diversified at times echoing John Lennon, Bob Dylan,and sometimes Jim Morrison.His music has many elements within: Punk, Classic,Punkabilly, Rockabilly , and Hard Rock.He is a very prolific songwriter and his goal isto have ten albums up at the cdbaby websitewithin the next few years-quite a prodigious goal, I would say,but the man possesses a relentless energy which seems to rejuvenate as time goes on.Recently he was involved in a feature film by Minos Papas, " Shutterbug ", a thriller genre film.Cadillac portrays Harry,a dark figure,who works as an exterminator.I met with Cadillac and he is now working on a sixth album and also co-writing a sitcom," Promises, Promises " with a colleague, Ray de Feis.My name is Joe Morrison and I'll keep informing the civilized world regarding Frank Cadillac's Music World.

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